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How would you like to earn some Extra Credit for your "Quarter" grade?  I am giving you up to a total of 44 points with a little studying.  This will be available to you once per school year.

"Powers of the President" (link suggested by Rebecca of Camp Nazareth)

About the above information:
One of the most interesting parts of U.S. history is learning about all the men who have served as president of the United States. This guide is designed to help students gain a quick biographical overview of each president through a brief summary of the presidents term of office. Each name is linked to a site with more information on the man described, and links to general information about the office of president and those who have served in that role follow the biographies.

The Presidents of the United States is your topic.

U. S. Presidents in Order (Do you know them?)

What you must do to get this credit:
-Schedule a time with Mr. Clark to do your E.C. 
-Tell Mr. Clark the (44) presidents in order.
-I will give you credit for all the ones you have in order all the way up to 44.
-If and when you get one out of order, all those correctly listed before the mistake will be your total E.C. points.
-Must include first and last name.
-If you only know the first 10, you will be awarded 10 pts. E.C., etc.
-You only have one chance to do this so make sure you're ready when you set up a time with me.
-All E.C. must be completed by the last school day of the year.  No credit will be given after this date.